Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Blog" is short for "Butt-Log"

Where the shit has everyone gone? It's like overnight you people all got lives and that's surely statistically impossible since you're all fifty-something texans who collect chilli cans and swap monkey pie recipes.

Anyway apparently the remaining people should be envying the apparently dead since they're lame and do nothing but talk politics in jibber jabber all day, which is up there with masturbating farm animals for fun and profit - it's enjoyable at the time but when you look back you realize that you probably liked it a bit too much and now you're all covered in horse spooge.

It's boring like if you were a spider but couldn't spin a web and then you sat down and decided to write a webcomic but realized that spiders can't write jokes and dogs can't look up, so with that formula in the mix you decided to become a ballerina but broke a toe and ended up working in a printing press where you checked the newspapers for misspellings of the letter "A".