Saturday, June 14, 2008

Where must the line be drawn?

What is that step too far as far as chat room courtesy goes in our great fandom channel? There is quiet discussion about the idea, mostly at my instigation, about that in #daria this week. I did forward a motion to outline a set of behaviour guidelines this week, but I have yet to hear if it was quashed or carried. Said motion was seconded & thirded, the seconding surprised me since it was in part the seconder's behaviour that helped convince me that the guidelines needed to be outlined in the first place, although it wasn't his behaviour this day that irked me.

My main drama is that people push way beyond what is acceptable outside of certain government institutions where occupancy is mandatory, and I've felt the need to withdraw to avoid certain obnoxiously behaviong persons.

The issue that brought this to a head was rather icksome to be sure, and I am certain that it is not appropriate behaviour outside of an s&m chat or a tourettes support group. I'll end* this post with the suggestion that in discussion chatters from #daria discuss what they think is inappropriate behaviour in the channel, and where that line can be drawn.

*ETA: That while sexually harassing chatters with violent descriptions of what you are going to do to them is apparently a grey area, it is black & white that publishing said interaction is a black one, so removed because I don't want to give jerks like that the satisfaction of having my arse banned for highlighting their douchery. If you missed it & want to know, ask me privately.

Friday, June 13, 2008

First Post

Despite the fact that I've been a member of this blog for awhile, I haven't really felt a genuine need to post (I do enough of that on PPMB and SFMB). I've felt a need to address what's kept me from doing anything beneficial to the community. To put it short, I've been busy. Mostly learning new things, but I've also been trying to find work. But in my spare time I've been working on the following:

Planning the webcomic. Yes, it's been an entire year since my last comic and I'm not proud of it. Most of my problems have stemmed from life in general (Trying to find work, dealing with family, wondering how I was going to make any kind of revenue from a Daria comic strip, etc....), but other problems arose from a secondary desire to learn......

Trying to learn CGI. Someone ultimately decided that cartoons are dead, and computer animation was the only way to make money in film and television without hiring big-budget actors or actors-on-a-budget.....or any actors. I have some ideas in mind, and I'm hoping they can come to fruition before the end of the decade.

Kicked a nasty habit. For the greater part of the first quarter of the year, I became addicted to an old MMORPG called Redmoon Classic. I ultimately realized that the game was not worth wasting my nights on, and could be spent doing other worthwhile things. Apparently, I have to take baby steps, since I found myself playing Neverwinter Nights.

Started blogging on Screwattack. Since I've become a fan of the Angry Video Game Nerd and the Video Game Vault, I've found myself disturbed by the lack of intelligence in their fans, and felt this need, as a gamer, to defend the gaming community from itself. So I'm trying to bring creativity and original thinking to their dinner table every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Needless to say, it's a very slow start.

Trying to keep #Daria afloat. Obviously, this isn't hard to do, since 95% of the populace have common sense. But there is that one stupid fuck..........

Last but not least: FINDING WORK. It's been two years since leaving Kroger, and Red Reese needs food, badly. And one way to solve that is by paypalling money to, or help me find work that actually lets me earn money at home, and not be a goddamn scam, seeing as how even McDonalds won't hire me. Sounds pathetic, doesn't it? I wish I had more options, but it's just not easy here in West Virginia, a place that hasn't recovered since Reagan's financial raping of our country, made worse by Bush Jr's criminal actions. I'm going to stop there before I get political, there's other places for that.

But yeah, that's what's been going on on my end.