Monday, May 12, 2008

Boring, boring, boring

Seriously, can't Crossada be more boring? "I sold one of my guns", "My neighbours have a dog", "Everyone's after my guns", "Right-wing vs. Left-wing conspiracy theories", "I have a car now", "My landlord wants to make repairs to my apartment", "Dad wants to go to a nursing home", "I went to emergency room", and those neverending rants in Nick's Corner about guns and liberals are getting fucking old. The guy expects people to reply to his uninteresting threads and yet he hardly ever replies to anyone else's threads - unless they involve guns, of course. And if the threads others start do not involve guns, it doesn't matter! He always finds a way to connect them to guns.

What is really annoying is when he picks random quotes that fit his point of view to reply to threads. I mean, come on, people are responding to him not to George Washington or some other famous guy he quotes. On top of that, he's so oblivious he cannot even tell when people have had enough of him. Just take a look at this recent thread of his, entitled "Finding new, exciting ways for everyone to be racist". First off, the topic. Was there a need to raise such a controversial topic? For the #57834 time? Here's a summary of what happened in that thread:

Crossada - "People are racist."

[Weird. It's not about guns this time. But the thread starter is Crossada, so...]

Pollard - "Nothing new to see here, folks. Just keep moving along; the next exhibit is down the hallway to your left."

Deref (quoting Pollard) - "This way to the egress."

Brother Grimace - "Cross....Whatever. (finishes typing, logs off to go get water)"

NightGoblyn - "Stupid leftie is stupid. Got it."

Mike Quinn - "You suck at maths."

cyde - "Guys, guys! This is Nick's Corner, remember? NOBODY 'moves on' in Nick's Corner. Ever."

Gouka Ryuu replies with a random image.

Brother Grimace (also replies with a random image) - "A subtle reminder that there are greater problems in this universe to concern ourselves over than worrying about skin colors."

[In the meantime, Crossada keeps discussing.]

Quiverwing - "And even after all that's been said, it seems to be impossible for some people to get the very obvious hint."

Brother Grimace - "As for a number of the comments made here... it's better to just walk away."

Crossada - "Clearly something or other went right over my head here. Can someone dumb it down for me, so that I may laugh too?"

[All posters roll their eyes and suddenly feel the need to hit Crossada. Nevertheless, they decide to remain silent and let the thread run its course. It's just not worth it.]

I think I've made my point. He should be thankful Guerin's around, or he would've been crowned the most boring poster ever.


cyde said...

Is it against the rules to say that crossada and his posts eat shit? Oh it is? My bad.

floopyboo said...

Can someone post this reply to his "dumb it down for me" thing for me please?

"Cross, go to a mirror. Look at it. In it's reflection you will find the butt of this joke, and indeed all jokes in Daria fandom. To wit, you are a joke, and a bad one at that. Quit while you're ahead."

In fact, whoever uses it can plagiarise it entirely, if they so choose. I'm in a generous mood today.

Anonymous said...

Two things. One, he doesn't even always agree with the quotes he posts. Somebody called him on something he'd quoted, and he said he didn't even realize it was there. If he doesn't even pay attention to what he says, why does he expect that we should? (Plus there's the fact that he doesn't properly use quotation marks, much less use the handy dandy quote tags provided on the board, so it's a challenge to figure out what's a quote and what's original rant. Not that I bother to try, but damn it, it's wrong!)

Two, has anyone else noticed that lately his paranoia is about to go off the charts?

Anonymous said...

I've noticed his growing paranoia. I'm worried that he's heading for a breakdown or massive heart attack (blood pressure might account for his worsening behavior). I used to think he was flawed and obsessed, but now I'm leaning to thinking the guy is literally insane. I've resisted the temptation to bite his head off a couple of times in the last few days, just barely.

Anonymous said...

You should be grateful I didn't post the topic: 'Are there guns in Heaven?'

the nightgoblyn said...

At one point I enjoyed debating with him, but these days there is no debate. Just talking to a wall of text that he copy pasted from the post you replied to as a reply to you.

Wow, that's almost non-Euclidian.

Anonymous said...

What courage, trashing him over here. Not!

Crossada has twice the intellect, range of interests, and most of all BALLS of any of you. Men or women.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, thanks Chris Crocker. You really set us straight.

Anonymous said...

"At one point I enjoyed debating with him, but these days there is no debate. Just talking to a wall of text that he copy pasted from the post you replied to as a reply to you."

So he finally figured out how to copy/paste? Well, at least that's progress.

Anonymous said...

To the insigificant Daria fandom cpmminity, as a fan of Daria, I too enjoyed the submissions here,
unitl all the sites got riddled with corruption from the likes of Brother Grimace (born as Gerald Wright),
cyde, Quiverwing Tafka, cynigal, etc. I got disinterrested. It's bad enough, knowing that your Daria
fandom community won't last forever, but it hurts me as to how you bully some people with flames,
insults, blackmail threats, sockpuppet theories, threats and images of despots, even banning them
for crimes they didn't commit, as well as send in spies to other people's Daria forums, cyber stalk and
harrassment, and post lies, saying they're terrorists, and set them as one and the same--all under the
umbrella of in loco parentis.

Worse still, is your "No one cares what you've got to say" mannerisms, even worse, your abuse on some that
were born handicapped, or a noob, so you resort to skullduggery to get rid of them, just because you don't
like them. And now, it's come to my attention that one Robin Sena, who is autistic, and her friends were intent
on suing Cynigal for cyber harrassment and cyber stalking; her reply was, and I quote, "How can you sue me
for defamation charges? All I posted was exactly what you wrote, via screen shots. You sue me for defamation
charges, I'll sue you for threats and cyberharrassment. Or I'll just stand there while the judge laughs you out of

Come on, I mean, did it ever occur that it's just as equally as possible that the judge could also laugh Cynigal out of
court? In fact, it's said Robin was born an autistic, and was abused brutally. So not only have you pulled defamation,
cyber harrassment, threats and stalking, you also committed cyber abuse and discrimination on on handicapped
person and others like her. And discrimination on Doc Forbin, Cross, and so on. All in the name of "No on cares what
you've got to say." And other offenses as well. Overall, the same umbrella of "threats and cyber harrassement" charges
not only cover you all, it also covers the people you have done your dirty deeds to ,like Robin Sena, Doc Forbin, Cross,
and so forth. Which means the instant you sue for those said charges, the victims you bullied could cross sue for not
only those same charges, but also for bullying, abuse (especially of a handicap), discrimination and worse. So if it's what
you want, let it be court, because it's doubtful if even the so called in loco parentis can save you all.

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