Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Greybird Rectums

(The following has been peer-reviewed and considered true by over sixteen seperate members of NAMBLA. All insults are intentional.)

I'm glad you have lapses of smartyness, as I wanted to cling to the only community on the internet that doesn't consider me a loser and freak. You don't think that, right?


As to the legal controversy, the internet is SERIOUS BUSINESS and litigation is the only way I can defend myself due to the way I'm an enormous pansy. The constituted defamation under my gross understanding of what libel law actually is, because the closest I've come to reading a law book is furiously masturbating to Boston Legal slashfics while wearing a pair of angel wings. Sometimes I just cry for hours after I orgasm.

The comments have since been screenshotted for graet justaice, and the parties involved have snarkily apologized to me in a manner that's actually just thinly veiled insults. This settles the matter in my opinion, as the same birth defect I was born with that makes my brain a huge pussy also makes me unable to understand sarcasm. Say, what's this community based around again?


I don't believe I insulted Thea at all. Even though everyone saw it as an insult and I didn't really make any attempt to apologize at all, and also decided I'd complain about flamewars again because I like to complain about things I have absolutely no vested interest in and that don't actually affect me in any way.

If anyone thinks I'm a butthurt walrus manflaps then they are probably right. Sometimes at night I curl up with a pair of cherub wings wrapped around my pillow and like to think it's a real angel.


I'm so lonely.

* * *

I was NOT banned from any forum despite the way that my maniacal levels of stupid would merit a punch in the dick in real life.
Richard Lobinske b& me last Tuesday based on the grounds that I'm a huge cunt. HAHA DISREGARD THAT I SUCK COCKS.

Despite the way that nobody even remembers me anymore and have instead turned their attention to flaming Ronio and Jobu, I'm determined to beat my dead horse and try to 'explain' shit to a community that doesn't give a fuck anyway. This stems from the way that when I was born, the doctors hit me with a meat mallet because they thought I was a mutant.




Thursday, March 13, 2008

Greybird Returns

I'm glad that you reversed whatever decision you made, because I wanted to set the record straight.

* * *

As to the legal controversy, it involved comments made about me at both the Daria Blandom Blog and SFMB's Flame Wars. They constituted defamation under libel law.

The comments have since been removed, and the parties involved (directly or by dint of not practicing oversight) have apologized to me, admitting that such comments were untrue. This settles that matter as far as I am concerned, making any repetition of the details unnecessary.

* * *

I did NOT insult Thea Zara. The sense involved here is whether or not I intended to do so, because each of us ultimately has no control over how one's comments are taken by others.

I said that I empathized with her loss (as I have lost my own parents) and her difficulties. I also tried to find out how a PayPal donation facility could be set up. I said that this was a worthy cause, especially for those who know her well.

I said, however, that I was not able to make a donation, because I did not want to risk having any such money - however indirectly - end up allowing the continued existence of SFMB's Flame Wars. It's an institution (or a part of one) that I've made no secret about detesting for several years, and I wrote about it at the original Daria Fandom Blog at some length, if anyone's interested.

No, that wasn't a particularly sensitive comment. I should have made it entirely in private to sysop Deref (who, I found out only later, was paying the cost of SFMB at that time) and others involved. That was my mistake.

It was, however, meant to make matters of personal support - or not - more clear in a semi-private thread that now no longer exists at PPMB. It was not meant as an insult. If Thea or anyone takes it that way, I regret that deeply, but I cannot control that.

* * *

I was NOT banned from any message board, with one limited exception. (Apart from this Icarus board, if, in fact, I was.)

Richard Lobinske informed me on 27 December that I was to be banned two days later, for two weeks, from PPMB. He gave me a brief list of reasons that were outright and deliberate lies, and which were subsequently repeated in a public PPMB thread.

I never had any formal warnings or complaints from the moderators about anything I had ever posted at PPMB. I had informal notes on a handful of occasions, but only when I posed questions in regard to a board controversy. Lobinske also told me on one occasion that I had made a link to an external sound file that had unacceptable content, and he'd deleted the link, but he offered no "warning."

The obvious motivation for this came from the controversy over Thea - wherein the mods had said they had no complaint whatsoever, beyond splitting my comments into a separate thread. And from the legal matter noted above. It had nothing to do with my not following PPMB rules, because I had, in fact, done so.

I told Lobinske and Wild that this banning was entirely specious, and that they knew very well it was specious, and I asked them to provide an explanation. They declined to respond.

I then told them that this was a transparent tactic to try to "punish" me in some way. They had a property right they could enforce, and which I respected - but I, in turn, could not tolerate their use of PPMB for a personal vendetta, nor their poor judgment. So I instructed them, before any ban took effect, to delete my PPMB user account. (Though not my posts.)

I did the same at SFMB, though only after Deref had turned off my access to Flame Wars. (As if this would ever hide, in practice, what anyone writes there - or shield it from legal action.)

I have had more than enough of those two boards - and, as I'm sure others will pipe up to say, they have had enough of me. Such is life.

After nearly three months having passed, and remembering my having posted here, I thought it important to take this opportunity to put some of these matters on record.

--Faybird, on the Icarus

The following is a work of omg satire or whatever.

I only have a few points to add.

1. My comments constituted defamation? No they didn't, Perry Mason. They constituted satire (as much was implied, rather explicitly).

2. I apologized? I guess, if you can call it such. I've never uttered a less sincere apology than the one I gave you. Again, I'm so totally sorry I called you a faggot and a pederast. I didn't mean to. The TV made me do it.

3. You were never given a formal warning on PPMB? Were you ever PMed about your behavior at all? Guess what! That's your fucking warning, chump change. The very fact that you're trying to split hairs about 'formal' warnings tells me that you were at PPMB with no purpose other than to see how far you could push the envelope, and for how long.

What, did you expect Kara to hand-deliver you a warning hand written in calligraphy on parchment paper with an official seal? Fuck you. You probably got warned by PM on more than one occasion, snickered derisively and filed those away in the back of your mind as being 'unofficial' since they didn't say "OFFICIAL WARNING" at the top, with a random "case number". Well, guess what? You don't decide what does and doesn't constitute a formal warning, THEY do. Enjoy your banhammer and your AIDS, pussy.


Sunday, March 2, 2008

The official 2008 dariabomb

The 2008 dariacon was this last weekend...and i dunno..like 6 people showed up. One of them isn't even a member of the community, but RLobinske's wife. So.....5 daria fans sitting in an inn...fun! I am just so glad I didn't waste my money on this. Yeah yeah yeah, I know, I'm sure the feeling's mutual, I know how loved and appreciated I am, but come on, 5 people? I mean this thing was planned for 2 years! I guess the timing was really bad, it's in the middle of the school year for me and many others, the whole economy going down the tank didn't help...... And the dropping out of some of the most popular people in fandom early in the game.

And we wonder why Daria isn't on DVD. There are only 5 fans!

I'm glad the people who went had fun, but I wouldn't help but feel a little....underwhelmed if I were them. I mean, I don't even know who Shallow15 is, but he told me to fuck off today in MIRC, so he must be important! And Rlobinske, well, I've always wanted to be moderated in real life. I don't really have any against kristen/in/un/on whatever her deal is, but she's not somebody I'm dying to meet, she's a little to country fried wholesome for me. And her husband....I don't really remember why, but I don't think we get along. It's hard to keep track of all the people I don't get along with and why.

So, instead of just making fun of it, I say we plan another dariacon! And this time we make sure that all of the popular people will be there, cause if they go, everybody will go. It's like highschool or something slightly less retarded.

I will go to the next con if all or most of the following people go:

Deref: I like his accent.
Cyde: He is cyderific
Nat: She does my spanish homework for me.
Skittles: She's named after a candy that I enjoy.
Skittles' boyfriend: To keep her distracted so that I have a chance of attracting guys too
Scissors: I like his name, it's so sharp. HAHHAHAHA
Jak: Need to have something to amuse myself with
Tafka: Cause the two of us on the same continent would have to lead to something miraculous
Crazy_nutso: I like to call him nutsack
MartinUK: Somebody needs to be there for confession
Reese Kaine: I like the funny news he finds
Minky: She's really cute
Minky's boyfriend: I can't think of his name
Thea Zara: Cause she created Flame Wars
Jess: Cause she's from Oregon and "get's it"
Slobbergoat: Cause he's a slobbery goat
Dervish: Cause she'll keep bogeyman away
TAG: He wrote for Dragonlance.

If I left you off and you know that you would be vital to me going to the next con, don't be offended I probably just forgot, or maybe I just plain don't like you. Hard to say.