Sunday, December 30, 2007

I swear I have had the following exchange with Brother Grimace at least a good handful of times:

Me: Whatever topic i'm talking about
BG: Jak and NNJ should have SEX! (or there abouts)
Me: You obviously have no sex life (or there abouts)
BG: I don't get you, you are so mean and put everybody down. You have no self esteem and you're obviously hiding your feelings behind your attitude. You could have just asked for an apology. I don't get why women think that men even want to have sex with them, I mean, i'm way better than that. Blah Blah Blah black people. (or there abouts)
Me: Uh....right.... cause i wasn't just making a comment about what you said to me to begin with
BG: I just won't talk to you and I'm sorry for existing.

Will somebody get this guy some midol? I don't even know what his problem is with me. It's not like I go out of my way to have any sort of interaction with him and I generally don't even engage him in any sort of conversation unless he addresses me first. He's not on my immediate shit list of "attack on sight", though he's starting to move up. Besides, for somebody who is supposedly ignoring me, he sure talks about me a lot.

His comments don't even bother me. I mean, I know he's just joking. Sometimes I wish he'd vary the joke a little, but whatever, it's not something I'm going to get offended about. There isn't much that even offends me. Except people accusing me of being offended. That offends me. He just seems to be yet another person that can not handle the cynigal. I mean, is there really anybody out there stupid enough to expect me not to respond to any joke or jab at me? Why do people act all surprised and get upset about it. Don't poke the cynigal unless you want to get bitten. I didn't even say anything remotely horrible. It's not like I made jokes about his slutty dumpster baby dumping sister. I don't even know if he has a sister!

He turned a perfectly good xtian bashing into whiny bullshit. So, now instead of bashing the xtians, I have to come here and bash him instead. So really, he's brought this on himself.

In other news, Gamefreak, R Whitely, whoever tried to pass himself off as somebody else on the PPMB today. He chose the name Flameman and immediately posted about his douchy messageboard and claimed that somebody he didn't even know left it to him....hah....god you'd think it being DARIA fandom, the idiots would be weeded out a bit more. Although I do think the ppmb rules about coming back to the board after you've thrown a bitch fit and quit are kinda lame. I mean, if that rule had been in effect from the beginning there wouldn't even be any members on the board left. And it's so much fun to mock those people when they come crawling back.

Friday, December 28, 2007


So I was doing some e-detective work this evening and saw something hilarious.

Greybird no longer has an account on SFMB. Lol? I wonder how long it will take for him to be out of our hair for good.


EDIT: Not long. He doesn't have an account at PPMB anymore either.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

New Rules

I hate rules and I don't want to have rules, but where fucking idiots lurk, rules will develop, I mean just look at the USA. So from now on, if there is a post that you find so offensive that you just can't function in your daily life knowing that it exists, you have two of the following options:

Send me an official cease and desist from an actual real live verifiable attorney. Send this to me directly, not through another fan member.


Simply ask me to remove the post and explain why you want it to be removed and if I feel that your reason is valid and you've asked nicely without making any threats than I more than likely will remove it.

Rule #2:

If you can't take the heat, don't read the blog.

Rule #3:
Don't talk about the DBB.

Rule #4:
Bring me shirtless Brad Pitt from Fight Club.

I am also considering making this blog private because I'd like to keep the fucking idiots out. I think it will also cut down on the stupid flames. I never meant for this blog to be an extension of flame wars. I picked the authors because I thought they were all capable of making funny but astute observations about Daria fandom. Anybody could still join the blog, anybody that I recognized anyway, but it would cut out the retarded anonymous comments. Tell me what you think.

Hey Greybird

Sorry I hurt your feelings. I didn't mean to call you a cocksucker and pederast and I didn't mean to intimate that you sit at home and watch child porn. For all I know, you're a fine upstanding member of the community. What I said was a lie, and furthermore an admittedly shameless lie. (I feel the need to reiterate this, even though I admitted as much in the blog post in question. Why anyone would think this is true and demonize you, given the aforementioned admission, is beyond me.)

There is one thing that I did mean and will not apologize to you for.

The things you said in regards to the tragic events in Thea Zara's life were cavalier and undeservingly hurtful. Given this, I am of the opinion that you're one of the sorriest, lowest forms of life imaginable. I think I can pretty safely speak for a large portion of the community in saying that you are not welcome in this fandom.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Greybird is a bleep bleep bleep

Due to a recent legal threat by Greybird, I have removed Cyde’s post until I able to consult with my own lawyer. I really think this is a bunch of BS, however, I’m removing the post simply because I do not have time for this with work and school beginning again soon. Until Deref IMed me I wasn’t even aware of the threat. I’ve been out of the country and so busy with work that quite frankly Daria fandom is really not even on my radar right now and I can’t even recall the last time I have had direct interaction with Greybird. I set up the blog with the warning that it is a place that is not moderated or censored. All in all I have very little to do with this blog besides my own posting on it occasionally. I don’t control what people say on it because I do not care nor do I have the time to do so. I did not make the post and I’m not sure why I should have to apologize for it, and I especially can’t see how an apology made solely because one is being threatened to do so can be at all soothing, but if it will stop this complete nonsense then I deeply and dramatically apologize.

However, I must say that I find this entire thing entirely hypocritical considering what Greybird has said about me in the past and what was posted on the original Daria Fandom Blog about me, a blog where Greybird was a moderator/contributor. I still have copies of what was posted about me there.

So, Greybird, I have complied with your requests until I have time to speak with my own lawyer. From now on, if you have a problem with me, please contact me directly.

For those of you who care, the threat was as follows:

You, NNJ, and Cyde are in a mutual position to remove this legal issue:

~ By you (or Thea) deleting the SFMB post and any quoted portions of it,
your posting a public apology for this on behalf of SFMB, and Cyde making a
full public retraction there of and apology for his post.

~ By NNJ's deleting the DBB post and any quoted portions of it, her posting
a public apology for this on behalf of DBB, and Cyde making a full public
retraction there of and apology for his post.

I hope that you and the others will thus act to make any potential legal
efforts unnecessary, by taking both such actions within the next two days,
by 23 December.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Ghosts

In order to avoid clogging the DBB with a whole bunch of posts about the same group of idiots, I've created a blog which will specialize on bashing The Ghosts. Please feel free to come in and have a look around, and don't forget to eat some shit and die.

If you'd like to be a contributor, please drop me a PM at one of the boards and we'll set things up.

Thank you and have a nice day,


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I Am The Ghosts' Most Wanted

Ok, it's one thing to be a delusional fucking fruitcake. This fandom has more than its share of them. The Ghosts, on the other hand, take it to almost dizzying extremes. It seems that for the last four months, these ambulating turds have researched every aspect of my life, recorded every move I make and formulated wild, wacky and crazy theories (involving me) about every bad thing that happens to them, all because I flamed Ianthe Yario and trolled Becky's board two or three times.

Because of this, I seem to have become this evil overlord whose entire life's agenda is to bring their happy little incestuous orgy and child molestation marathon (have you seen their latest member, "Apollonia" with Ghost "Wolf 359" poised to engage in rape?) to its knees.

I think that even when they know it isn't really me harassing them, they dream up ways to blame it on me. They always seem to.

Let's try to make a list of the stuff they've come up with about me:
  • cyde is the root of all evil.
    • cyde is a Mortimer Snerd
    • cyde has a girlfriend, Amy Wilder, whom he uses to spy on The Ghosts and Icarus.
    • cyde lives in New Orlens [sic]
    • cyde has/will have/has ever had a NowLive account
      • cyde got kicked off NowLive and is now on MySpace (Like everyone in the WORLD isn't)
    • cyde "stole" Becky's avatar and, with the help of Gamer and Quiverwing did something to Ianthe Yario's SFMB account, "forging" a profile and posting scurrilous lies about Becky and otherwise "framing" her.
    • cyde is a good target for incredibly bad poetry
      • cyde has "aunts" in his "panz"
      • cyde has Mariah Carey's pantyhose in his nose
      • cyde has "red hot rockets" in his pockets
      • cyde had an idea, but it died of loneliness.
    • cyde has a list of evil mortimer snerd allies who do his nefarious bidding, including but not limited to
      • Quiverwing
      • Great Uncle Radomil
      • Bliss Ticks
      • Dervish
      • Brother Grimace
      • Crazy Nutso
      • TAFKA
      • Ms. Kitty
      • Dracula
      • Gamer
      • cynigal
      • Hitler
      • Amy Wilder
      • Jesus
      • Napoleon Bonaparte
Ok, number one, who the hell is Amy Wilder? Is that supposed to be code for Kara or something? Number two, what the hell is NowLive? Nice investigative work, schmuck. You managed to get 90% of it wrong.

On the other hand, though, you DID get 10% right. And I guess that's saying something, isn't it? Isn't it?

And no, I'm not going to say what the 10% is. That would take a lot of the fun and adventure out of this little game, and I'm curious to see what these mental deficients will come up with next.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Can ANYONE figure out what this delusional retard is running her goddamn mouth about this time?

Exhibit A, Exhibit B.

Ok, I think Becky has finally reached the point in her aspergers and paranoia where mental entropy has hit full swing. She and her "friends" (sockpuppets) are finally COMPLETELY LOSING IT and it's fucking great! I mean come on. Quiverwing and her admin powers on SFMB?? Jesus.

You know, this wouldn't even make a decent blog post if it weren't for their obviously gut-wrenching paranoia which has stretched on for a hilariously long time. It would seem that, by having a little harmless fun with them months ago, I've managed to send the entire hairbrained organization into a tailspin. That makes me happy. It's gotten to the point that I don't even have to troll them anymore. They're doing it to themselves. They're jumping at shadows, pointing fingers at each other, squealing like stuck pigs about being framed and making me out to be some kind of evil mastermind out to ruin them and everything they hold dear (which, in and of itself, speaks volumes about the lives these dumb assholes lead.)

In all, it's gone better than I could have ever hoped.

Every time we have choices in life, it's sort of like a fork in a road with infinite prongs, if you think about it. Each choice takes you down a different road. These assholes seem to delight in unwittingly taking the road which leads to the maximum possible lulz for me. All they had to do is stop being such irritating douchebags and let the matter drop, but for some reason they refuse. It's like watching someone with schizophrenia spiral further and further off the deep end.

It's honestly one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

Does this make me evil? Who gives a fuck?

Am I a dick for loving every second of this? You betcha.

The best part is that I'm no longer the only person doing this shit to them anymore. Hell. I've stopped actively doing anything except watching and laughing... and boy am I laughing long and loud.

Ok, I'm a completely venomous monster who is rotting on the inside. I admit it. At least I admit it. :)