Sunday, November 25, 2007


I just bit my tongue and it fucking hurts and now all I can taste is blood......... and I think I like it. Beware people, I've got blood lust now.

Also with school winding down I'll have more time to start shit on the boards, except when I'm in Mexico, but I know there are others out there that I can rely on to start shit too. I was going to take my laptop, but how sad would it be if I was sitting on the beaches of Playa Del Carmen posting on a message board dedicated to a cartoon that hasn't been aired in years?

I never realized that vaya con dios means "go with god", I always thought it was a totally radical way of saying "seeya". I guess it's cause the first time I heard it was while watching Point Break and I was too distracted by sexy man abs to really consider it. No, this has nothing to do with anything, I'm just thinking about Keanu Reeves in a wet suit and my brain is coming up with filler to type.

As quiverwing pointed out on PPMB people in the USA are fat. So all y'all guys from the USA, I think this was her way of saying that you're not good enough for her. Which is totally true, but sometimes it's just kinda bitchy to point it out. Which I totally approve of by the way.

Um.. lesseee Greybird is still a pompous ass, and daria fandom is still pretty much the same as always. The Dariacon is coming up soon, to many people's reliefs I probably won't go cause it'll be a pain in the ass with school and i just gave my free plane ticket to my mom. Plus Jak isn't going, so I won't have anybody to molest. Just kidding Jak, tell your mom to calm down.

/end totally random poorly worded post

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Because the DBB is where the bitch within comes out...

Don't damn me
When I speak a piece of mind
'Cause silence isn't golden
When I'm holding it inside
- Guns N’ Roses

First off, I’d like to say that I’m forced to do this thing and they told me that Robin Sena will hand my IP addy to the police if I refuse!! Just kidding. You know, I was the first person who was offered to co-blog with cynigal here. The idea was fun, but then I remembered my moderator duties and declined the offer. But then I thought “What does that have to do with this blog?” Well, absolutely nothing!! This blog is in no way associated with any other place, and people are allowed to have a little fun once in a while. For the lulz, ribz and great justice!!! Actually, no, I just need the entertainment. So, here we go…

So, I was off the internet for about 5 days. I was being tortured with accounting exams (I think I did quite well though!!!). And what do I find? Well, there’s Robin Sena in a once again lame attempt to prove she lives in this condo with a bunch of losers who like to refer to themselves as “The Ghosts”. And to quote, ahem, Ronin Sena, "Now you may be wondering, "Why The Ghosts?" Simple--they say a ghost is a spirit that rises from the dead, and with the way fandom, including Daria fandom may be dying, it seems fitting we name ourselves The Ghosts, so we can lead the resurrection of fandom and Daria fandom to what it used to be. So now you know." Yeah, we also know that you cannot even keep your sockpuppets straight, Robin. You have to give Ronin some credit though: "she” wants to lead the resurrection of Daria fandom!!! She cares so much about the fandom that she hangs around with 10000000 sockpuppets thinking she fools everyone, while the rest of us know she’s a fucking retard!!! She’s probably locked in a mental institution somewhere between the US and Britain.

Latest news! According to Bliss Ticks, the curvature of a rainbow reminds one of the holy RIBZ!!!! Thanks for letting us know!! Look to the ribz, people. Look to the ribz.

In other news, friends are not supposed to point out spelling mistakes. This is the way you can tell if someone’s your true friend. If they don’t point out your spelling mistakes, it’s because they truly love you!! But be warned, if you point out a spelling mistake to someone, they’ll try to make YOU look like an idiot!! And only because you had the courage to point it out!!!! Here's the philosophy behind it: “If s/he points out a spelling mistake, s/he’s an idiot because s/he’s trying to make ME look like an idiot!!” Just fucking pathetic. So, that’s how life works, my friends. Just look to the ribz...I mean, rainbow.

Yep…I did it. I guess I should be locked up for pointing out a spelling mistake outside Creative Writing. The fact of the matter is that now people will think I’m cynigal’s clone for that... not that I’m bothered since cynigal’s awesome. (AN: You know you’re awesome, baby!!) But, what THAT tells you is how full of shitty gossip this fandom is. First you have those lame Flame Wars that people take so seriously. I mean, come on!! Would you take Ronin Sena seriously?!! Although, Robin does a great job at keeping people entertained anywhere. We just love to feed the troll. Amirite? It gets worse though, then you have people wondering about how many times Skittles and Micka have had sex since he came to visit. Not that she’d mind, since we all know she’s very open about her sex life (even during those months when there’s not really much of a sex life there)…but BETS in the chat room??!!! Who would’ve thought Derek and Brandon…

Nah, I’m just kidding. But yeah, that’s how gossip works. I should know – after all, I’m the Quinn of Daria fandom. And I didn’t even need to show naked pictures of myself!!! Maybe I must admit I am a fucking hot devil!! Just not very photogenic!!! Hell, I even outnumbered Quinn!! She had the 3 J’s: Joey, Jeffy and ….um, doesn’t matter. I’ve even had….lemme see…..1, 2….6 guys fighting over me at once!!! Those days were fun. Although, I give starmeshelion back. Just way too fucking creepy. “So, tell me, Stars. Whenever you see Stacy on a Daria episode, does your heart start beating faster and you start getting all enthusiastic and excited and nervous and your palms get sweaty, and you try so hard not to do anything embarrassing around her, even though you know she can’t see you?? Yeah, I thought so…”