Tuesday, October 2, 2007

B&: They see me trollin', they hatin'...

With all the crying going on in that thread, I bet they thought I forgot about them. Baaaaaaw!

Page saved because we know of Becky's historical revisionism. She'll DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING. (Edit: She already has)

But you know me... I'm a mortimer snerd! It's a conspiracy! It's blackmail! It's all one big hate machine and everyone is out to get you and your shitcan board with all of the intolerance contained therein! You never stopped to consider why people protested you, only that they did... and you didn't like it!!!

As long as you acted in a manner which was fair and just, I guess it's ok.

What it is... is just (serious) business, really. Nothing personal.

Hope this helps, Becky. Just wanted you to know I still love you... and I can troll you any time I want. :-)