Saturday, September 29, 2007

Somebody pointed me to this thread on Becky/Assdiva's forum:

She and her multiple personalities are discussing ronin again. And somebody thinks I'm a bad person. Awww. And they dis the blandom blog! It's not a place to continue flame wars! It's a place to comment on stuff that happening in the Dariaverse.



Monday, September 17, 2007

Lock up your emails

A close friend of mine came to me this afternoon with a doozy, as I logged on to my IM. He'd been solicited, by email, to join a new daria fan board. At present, it appears that the solicitation was an across-the-board(forgive the pun) spamming.

I took the liberty of pummelling my poor friend with questions, which I shall repost here, followed by the email in question. Of course, I'm not giving the spammer any free advertising, so the url has been removed, as has the email address of my friend. You may, however, do what you wish with the spammer's email address.

How well do you know this gamefreak person?

My most extended interaction was in an SFMB thread about handheld video game platforms in flame wars.

Does this person have any reason to believe that you are a friend, or will respond to this solicitation with good will?

I'm too lazy to flame him? Also, I sometimes answer his threads in a serious manner even though they are in the wrong place entirely.

So you are saying that this person would have no reason to believe that you would personally leap to join his/her new board, and thus would have no reason to email you an invitation to join it?

I'm saying that I have no relationship with gamefreak on a personal level and very barely at a casual one, even by internet standards.

Would you consider this solicitation spam?

If spam is a defined as unsolicited advertisements, then yes, he might as well be asking for money for his chinese viagra substitutes. But, unlike most spam, there was actual emotion to it. Was the guy pleading with me, with puppy dog eyes?

Will you be accepting gamefreak's invitation?

Naw, not worth the time to click the link.

The email in question:

Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 18:06:59 -0700
Subject: A new Daria message board.
To: ****@****.com

Hi, It's me, a fomer member of SFMB also known as gamefreak back then. Well since I left I decided to make a message board of my own and only have four members so far. If you want to join here is the site.

***link removed***

Give it some thought.

If you too have received this email, or have an opinion on the matter, please tell us about it in detail in the comments forum.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Metaphorical Paintstained Overalls

Okay, so I'm seriously starting to think that some of you watch way, way to many teen movies.

There's a recurring theme in Daria fanfic I've noticed. Namely, the "hot Daria" theme. Quick, count how many fanfics mention that Daria's really a hot chick in disguise or have a character making the observance that she's totally hot. Go on. I'll wait.

Back yet? Yeah, there's a shitload. Seriously y'all. In a page ripped straight from She's All That, most fanfic authors (including some of the more revered ones) like to reassure everyone that Daria's really really pretty and everyone else is stupid for not seeing it.

Um, helloooo? Were we even watching the same show? It's like these guys (because yep, they're mostly male) look at Daria and go, "Oooooooh I bet SHE would have been friends with me in high school!!!!!!!1111!!!11!!" and then their little primal lizard brain part goes "Friend girl= girlfriend=sexxxxxxx!!!eleventy!!!" but we have a problem. Daria's not considered attractive. But she might sleep with them. So in their minds, these people have to pay her the ultimate complement any man might pay a woman (in his mind) and suddenly make her attractive so that she'll be a good heroine and somebody who is desired because if she's desired, he can want her and not be totally weird.

But why does she HAVE to be attractive to be a heroine? Shouldn't she make a better heroine if she's unattractive? You know, by making her a more relateable character with depth and such rather than eye candy? Why do these guys think that a girl can't be a good character without being attractive to men? It's a hallmark of this community that we have a whole fuck load of "enlightened" men claiming that they're TOTALLY in touch with their femininity and great feminist men while not actually succeeding at it. To wit: If you're an actual feminist, you don't need to pretty up a girl to make her likeable. She can be perfectly likeable without being sexy and, if anything, that's undermining the actual point of the show. You know, that thing with the characters that we supposedly all enjoy? Yeah, the thing that had the pretty colors and music.

And, not forgetting where we are, you're all a bunch of fucking douchebags and whores. Yeah that's right, I mean YOU.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Define "Paternalistic"

1 : a system under which an authority undertakes to supply needs or regulate conduct of those under its control in matters affecting them as individuals as well as in their relations to authority and to each other
Daddy and Mommy know what's best for us. We would be wise to remember this, lest we make any decisions which cause us harm.

I'm fairly certain that it was a hard decision to make, but in the end concern for our wellbeing as people won out. Had we been allowed to make the decision ourselves, well... who knows what may have happened?